In this section you can learn about our teachers – masters of Traditional Astrology, to whom we owe our knowledge, and who we treat with great respect, love and endless gratitude:

JOHN FRAWLEY – a living legend of Traditional Astrology of our time. It was thanks to John Frawley that our journey into the Tradition began back in 2011. We learned specifically from his books, workshops and lectures, and we continue to learn to this day. Subsequently, having met John personally in 2017, we not only became friends, but were able to get in touch with the greatest master of our days, and became his students. Thanks to John Frawley, we reconsidered all our previous astrological experience, and came into contact with the very Soul of Astrology, the main purpose of which is accurate predictions.

OSCAR HOFMAN – one of the most famous representatives of Traditional Astrology today. Perhaps the most famous John Frawley’s student. A renowned master of Traditional Astrology. Our teacher, with whom we study, and whose workshops and lectures we constantly attend. Thanks to Oscar Hofman, we not only broadened and deepened our knowledge in Traditional Astrology, but also gained a solid traditional philosophical base and knowledge in Medical Astrology.