Welcome to the Home page of the Astrological Centre Septener devoted to the Traditional Western Astrology. Here you will encounter the authentic astrological tradition and not its modern distortion. Over the past several thousand years, the Real Astrology has been keeping in step with the times, preserving the experience accumulated over the centuries, constantly updating and increasing it. Its knowledge is not enclosed in books alone, but, first of all, in the heart of the traditional perception of the world..

Accurate predictions, clear judgments and deep analysis are the main features of the Real Astrology. It is able to show things as they are; help make the right choice and accurately predict the future. Its predictive capabilities have been tested by the time itself, as evidenced by both the experience of its modern representatives and astrologers of the past.

Articles and examples from our practice, webinars and consultations, and much more on our website, will become your guide to the world of Traditional Astrology. We encourage everyone to ascertain the capabilities of the latter from their own experience.

Our endless gratitude goes to John Frawley and Oscar Hofman, our teachers and mentors, who opened for us the world of the authentic astrological tradition.

Below, you can learn more about the content of our astrological site.

In our consultations, we use time-honoured techniques of Horary Astrology, providing clear and specific recommendations on a wide range of issues. Our task in working with clients is a deep analysis of their current life events and accurate prediction of their further development. We strive to help find a way out of the most difficult and confusing circumstances.

Nothing is impossible for Horary Astrology – whether the question is about personal life or starting a company, looking for a job or recruiting staff, buying real estate or finding the best time to invest your capital – you can get an answer to everything.

We teach Horary Astrology online and distantly. Each person can make their life clearer and more transparent, more predictable – we strive to reveal the ability to accurately predict in those who are seriously interested in the possibilities of this predictive art. With the help of simple and efficient methods of Horary Astrology, one can learn not only to predict future events, but also to effectively help other people and their loved ones in resolving a wide variety of life issues.

We publish astrological articles, as well as examples from our practice in the field of Horary Astrology, so that everyone interested can not only get in touch with the techniques of Horary Astrology, but also see its capabilities and time-honoured results. In addition, the site presents biographies of astrologers, charts of famous personalities, astrological podcasts and various stories related to astrological topics, and much more.

We translate our teachers’ work into Russian on our Russian website septener.ru – articles by John Frawley and Oscar Hofman’s blog. Their articles represent an inexhaustible source of astrological wisdom, and a wonderful example of what the Real Astrology really is.

We publish the astrological magazine 'Mercury' in Russian, dedicated to the Traditional Western Astrology, its foundations and components. The theoretical material in the articles makes up for the missing part in the publicly available literature on Traditional Astrology. The magazine also presents examples of delineation of natal charts of famous personalities, horary chart questions and biographies of astrologers of the past. The magazine will be of interest not only to astrologers, but also to all people interested in the predictive art.