Oscar Hofman



Oscar Hofman (February 1962) is not only John Frawley’s most famous student, but also one of the most recognized masters of Traditional Astrology of our time. He is the first astrologer to write a book on Traditional Medical Astrology in the past three and a half centuries. We can say that Oscar Hofman revived humoral medicine based on traditional astrological methods – he cleansed it of layers and delusions, and showed the effectiveness of its methods using numerous practical examples. We can say with confidence that in Traditional Medical Astrology, Oscar Hofman is second to none these days. He is a recognized expert in predicting the course of a disease, and in determining the causes of diseases, using astrological techniques. The latter is also evidenced by the fact that Oscar’s book Classical Medical Astrology. Healing with the Elements is the first book on the Traditional Western Astrology translated into Chinese and published in China – a country with a completely different mentality and a huge heritage in the field of Eastern medicine. He is the first European astrologer to receive such an honour.

A special Oscar Hofman’s merit is not only his work on Medical Astrology, but also the publication of two other books that further popularized Traditional Astrology, and showed its practical and accurate methods – The Workshop. Traditional Horary and Medical Astrology and Fixed Stars in the Chart. The last book is a real treasure for a traditional astrologer. It not only sets out in detail the theory of the astrologer’s work with fixed stars in the chart, but also the mythology underlying their interpretation, and also shows examples of their influence in the birth charts of famous personalities and in charts of events. We can say this book in many ways represents the practical, philosophical and mythological basis of Traditional Astrology – after all, the stars, according to the traditional astrological concepts, are the first manifestation of the divine light into our world. The book gained wide popularity not only in Holland, but also in Germany, Russia, France and other countries. Oscar Hofman often shows the stars in action in astrological practice, in his numerous predictions on his website, in his astrological blog. Thanks to the latter, readers have the opportunity to be convinced of the effective and accurate methods of Traditional Astrology. You can also read translations into Russian of some of the articles from Oscar Hofman’s blog on our Russian website.

Today, Oscar Hofman heads the international school of traditional Classical Astrology, is the editor-in-chief of the astrological magazine Anima Astrologiae, collaborates with several astrological magazines published in other countries, teaches numerous students around the world and gives workshops in various cities and countries. Education in his astrological school is conducted in 6 languages, including Russian, in more than 30 countries around the world. Also, Oscar Hofman is a lecturer at the Academy of Traditional Astrology in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan province in China. His books have been translated into 7 languages. He is the author of several predictive techniques in both Medical and Mundane Astrology. At the same time, Oscar Hofman is a surprisingly humble person – a true representative of the Tradition to which he has dedicated his life.

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