John Frawley

Джон Фроули


John Frawley is rightfully considered the modern legend of Traditional Astrology. He became widely known when he was hosting a live television show in the 90s, Frawley and the Fish, together with a renowned sports journalist. The program fully allowed John Frawley to show the possibilities of Predictive Astrology on sports predictions. He made only specific predictions, which came true much more often than the predictions of his sports companion. It is worth noting that John Frawley was never mistaken with the results of the final games, which often surprise not only fans, but also sports experts – dozens of times, and in a variety of sports.

John Frawley not only made an enormous contribution to the development of Traditional Astrology through his books, workshops and articles, but also to the popularization of the methods of Horary Astrology. The latter was reinterpreted by John Frawley based on ancient sources. It was the methods of Horary Astrology that made John Frawley a unique master of the Prediction Art. Today, Horary Astrology is mostly associated with his name. Numerous accurate predictions, graceful techniques and an inimitable manner of delineating astrological charts have shown not only the common public, but also the astrologers that the Real Astrology is still alive in our world – it is accurate, concrete, slender and does not know half measures. Either you are accurate or you are mistaken – there is no third given here.

John Frawley is also known as the author of several books on astrology that are undoubtedly pearls in modern astrological literature. His The Horary Textbook was awarded the international prize Spica in 2001, later becoming a kind of ‘bible’ for practicing astrologers of Horary Astrology. However, the rest of John Frawley’s books have also undoubtedly made a significant contribution, not only to the popularization of Traditional Astrology, but also to its purification from modern delusions. The Real Astrology, The Real Astrology Applied and Sports Astrology – fully and from the most diverse perspectives, illuminate the basics of Traditional Astrology and predictive astrological methods. His astrological magazine The Astrologer’s Apprentice, which John began publishing in 1996, has largely served as the basis for some of these books – 22 issues of the magazine are freely available on his website, and serve as an excellent example of his creative and astrological genius. You can read translations of some of John Frawley’s articles on our Russian-language site, translated and published by us with his personal permission.

Today, John Frawley gives workshops all over the world, teaches numerous students, publishes lectures on his website and consults clients.

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